About Doomtube.


Eye of the artist


born on Saturday August the 17th 1974. He has a sister, two daughters and a Voodoo  Van. He works in film and the  written  word but is focusing his creative output on dark ambient noise\music\sound At present.... and making new art. 

He studied  at Winchester school of  Art and specialised in printmaking. He went on to study Masters degree in fine art printmaking at the Royal College of Art 2004. at the end of his first year at the RCA an attempt was made on his life.  This caused him a rethink on  the direction his creative output was taking him and he  moved further into the area of film, away from 2D printed works. He has exhibited across  the world with films appearing  in the US Russia and on a beach in Hawaii. He has created installation works  as well as screening many films at the Portico  Gallery in South London. He has published three editions of an occult magazine/fanzine that have been sold by the Institute of Contemporary Art and various occult bookshops. 

His work has always been informed by the differing mental health conditions he has been told he has as well as religious and occult thinking .

Never one to shy away from tough conversations he is a strong believer in communication, especially about the worryingly still taboo problems of mental health problems  acceptance  and understanding.

At  present  he lives  in Margate .  

This  section  will  be further. Maybe.

or not.