rhodes show 2020. Closed.

WYRD 2020

Juliana Tramontana and Phil Beeken are showing new 2D and 3D work at the Rhodes gallery off Margate High Street from the 17th of February 2020. Although they have only recently formed a working partnership their work compliments each others perfectly. Both have a long interest in Occult Thought and Witchcraft. The Show  is entitled 'WYRD'  ...for reasons that at present elude us. 

Juliana Tramontana is a Wytch, her work is powerful thought provoking and unique. She has studies at various art schools. Her practice includes painting, mono printing and sculptures. she has a studio space in London. Her work is inspired by pareidolia and poodles. in 2019 she showed in the 'Outsider show' With Vic Reeves and Noel fielding.

Phil Beeken studied Printmaking at the RCA and has shown 2D work in london and film work internationally. he has also published small press books and is working on new sound works as well as new 2D and 3D works. he has worked with Christian Maclay and Goldie. 

more info can be obtained by visiting the gallery in The Centre off Margate High Street or by emailing mrgblake@hotmail.co.uk




sorry to those who missed it

back  with bigger  better  one  soon.